Behavioral and Substance Addiction Clinic

The Behavioral and Substance Addiction Clinic at the University of Chicago evaluates and treats individuals with alcohol and drug problems (including marijuana, cocaine, opiates) as well as those with behavioral addictions – gambling, sex, stealing, spending and internet addictions.  Residents rotate through this clinic for 6 month blocks, and see one new diagnostic evaluation and three follow-up patients per clinic.  This clinic is run by Jon Grant, M.D.

patient care

Residents will learn to evaluate, diagnose, and manage patients with a range of addictive behaviors, implement evidence-based treatment approaches to addictive behaviors, and address common comorbidities.

Medical Knowledge

Residents will demonstrate knowledge of evidence-based treatment approaches to addictive behaviors

Interpersonal and Communications skills

Residents will create rapport with and patients with histories of addiction, and will develop skills at eliciting comprehensive histories from patients with addictive behaviors.


Residents will develop and demonstrate a respectful attitude toward patients with addictive disorders

systems based practice

Residents will become aware of the range of services for patients with addictive behaviors including inpatient and outpatient substance use programs, self-help groups, and other available resources.