Consult-Liaison Psychiatry

Patients who are hospitalized for a medical or surgical illness frequently experience emotional distress. This distress can add significantly to the patient's illness burden and impede recovery. Additionally, patients with pre-existing psychiatric illness may experience increased morbidity during an acute illness. The Consult-Liaison Psychiatry Service provides bedside evaluation and management of all medically ill hospitalized patients at the request of their primary physicians. The multidisciplinary C/L team is comprised of two attending psychiatrists (Drs. Tobin and Marcangelo) with certification in psychosomatic medicine, residents, medical students and a social worker.

For outpatients with comorbid medical illnesses two specialty programs exist in Transplant Psychiatry and Psychooncology. Dr. Michael Marcangelo runs the program in Transplant Psychiatry with one specialty outpatient clinic, liaison to liver, lung and cardiac teams. Dr. Tobin working with psychologist Amy Siston, PhD provides psychosocial services to inpatient and outpatient cancer patients. Psychiatric consultation is also provided on a 24 hour basis to patients who present with psychiatric symptoms to the Emergency Rooms at the Medical Center.