PGY-2 Chemical Dependency Rotation at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital

Patient Care:

PGY-II psychiatric residents will treat substance abuse inpatients for acute detoxification from a large variety of substances, and follow substance abuse rehabilitation patients in inpatient, partial hospital and outpatient programs at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.  Residents will conduct a "medical aspects of addiction" group for inpatients.

Medical Knowledge:

Residents will:

  • l learn techniques for acute detoxification from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines and other substances.
  • Gain familiarity with dual diagnosis issues such as differentiating between primary depression and anxiety coexistent with substance abuse versus mood and anxiety disorders subsequent to chronic substance abuse.
  • Observe and participate in available psycho-educational models for rehabilitation, including 12-step programs, group therapy, family therapy.


Residents will develop an attitude of helpfulness, compassion and empathy toward patients with substance abuse problems, and will develop a realistic understanding of what psychiatry can provide for such patients.  Residents will consider the complex issue of physician impairment.

Systems Based Practice:

Residents will develop an understanding of the community resources for people with substance abuse problems. 

Location--Chicago Lakeshore Hospital.


Five mornings per week halftime, plus one evening per rotation (AA Meeting).  Rounds will be arranged by Dr. Paisner.


Dr. Martin Paisner