PGY-2: Emergency Psychiatry at the University of Chicago

Patient Care:

The resident will learn how to conduce emergency psychiatric evaluations through the examination, evaluation and provision of emergency care to patients presenting to the UCMC Emergency Room with emergent psychiatric and substance related problems, and/or with psychiatric symptoms of medical problems. 

Medical Knowledge:

The resident will develop a basic knowledge of

  • crisis intervention,
  • acute psychopharmacologic interventions in psychiatric emergencies,
  • the principles and process of involuntary treatment,
  • appropriate assessment of suicidal patients.

The resident will learn to differentiate psychiatric emergencies from medical/surgical emergencies with psychiatric symptoms.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

The resident will learn to interact with the ER doctors and staff to provide optimum care for psychiatric patients in the ER.

Systems Based Practice:

The resident will learn about the State of Illinois Mental Health System including hospitals and community mental health centers, Substance Abuse treatment programs and other community resources for referral purposes.