PGY-4 Goals and Objectives

The Resident will:

  • Develop a special area of expertise within psychiatry.  Some areas chosen include lab or clinical research, psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, the therapy of substance abuse, and student mental health.
  • Advance administrative and leadership capabilities through positions of Department Chief Resident, Inpatient and Outpatient Chief Resident, or CL/ER Chief Resident, under supervision of appropriate faculty.
  • Complete a research project under the supervision of a faculty research mentor, and present that project to all residents and faculty on Research Day at the end of PGY-4.
  • Develop and carry out a Quality Improvement project, usually based on problems noted while carrying out the administrative and clinical responsibilities of a Chief Resident.
  • Deveop competence in Electroconvulsive Therapy, both in assessing patients prior to receiving ECT and in administering ECT and monitoring response.  Residents will rotate on the ECT service part-time, for 2 months, but may elect to receive Certification in ECT with a 3 month rotation.