PGY-4 Quality Assurance Project

Each PGY-4 resident identifies an area of interest in which to pursue a Quality Improvement project.  Residents  address a clinical problem, either already identified by the Deaprtment's Quality Assurance Committee or one that emerges in their work as Chief Residents on clinical services.  Under the supervision of the Director of Clinical Services or other faculty, they collect data to establish the nature of the problem, define an intervention, and follow up with further assessment.  To direct their focus, residents write Goals and Objectives under the supervision of the Program Director.  Residents write up their projects at the end of the year; some have been presented at hospital-wide QA meetings or national meetings.

practice based learning and improvement

The Chief Resident identifies problems in communication, performance or outcome in the day-to-day work of the unit he/she supervises, assesses the contributing factors, develops benchmarks for performance in at least one area, measures baseline performance, creates an intervention, and assesses the effect of that intervention in a QA project during the PGY-4 year. 

interpersonal and communications skills

The Chief Resident educates staff, attendings, junior residents and medical students about the identified problems, the process of QA, the intervention proposed and its rationale, and the outcome.


The Chief Resident develops his/her own self-critical abilities to identify areas of improvement, and models a stance of self-imporvement for junior residents and medical students.

systems based practice

The Chief Resident addresses issues that arise at the interface of systems of care, usually between institutions, between Departments or between teams.