PGY-4 Research

PGY-4 residents work directly with individual research mentors to carry out and complete a research project.  Following the PGY-2 research course which fosters an increased understanding of issues related to research study design, methods and statistics, residents identify a research laboratory with which they intend to work.  Supervised by Dr. Kristen Jacobson, residents gain familiarity with the data and research methodologies of the laboratory with which they are working in the PGY-3 year.  In PGY-4, residents meet regularly with research mentors in individual and laboratory meetings to work on formulation of research questions, organization and analysis of data, and a review of the literature.  Residents present their research project to the Department in the Spring of the PGY-4 year.  Many presentations result in publication.  Residents spend 4-25 hours per week on research.

medical knowledge

The resident will:

  • attend seminars and laboratory meetings in a lab of their choosing
  • define a researchable question
  • review the pertinent literature
  • design a study and conduct a relevant statistical analysis
  • present the completed study and findings to the Department

The resident will learn to apply statistical tools, evaluate and select appropriate methodologies, critically evaluate the literature, and draw conclusions supported by the data.