Research Faculty

  • Cacioppo, Stephanie, Ph.D.                                                                Electrical and Functional NeuroImaging of Social Connections in Health and NeuroPsychiatric Disorders
  • Coccaro, Emil, M.D., Department Chairman
    Behavioral genetics and neuroscience of aggression
  • Dulawa, Stephanie, Ph.D.
    Molecular neurobiology of anxiety and depression
  • de Wit, Harriet, Ph.D.
    Individual differences in responding to drugs of abuse in humans
  • Gershon, Elliot, M.D.
    Genetics of bipolar manic-depressive illness
  • Goldschmidt, Andrea, Ph.D.                                                                     Binge eating and obesity in children and adolescents
  • Grant, Jon, J.D., M.D., M.P.H.                                                          Treatments for compulsive and impulsive behaviors
  • Jacobson, Kristen, Ph.D                                                                  Behavioral genetics of conduct problems, aggression and substance abuse
  • Keedy, Sarah, Ph.D.                                                                       Neurocognitive abnormalities and treatment changes in psychotic disorders
  • Keenan, Kathryn, Ph.D.
    Individual differences in risk for development of psychopathology
  • King, Andrea, Ph.D. (Research Section Chief and Mission Director)
    Mechanisms underlying vulnerability for substance use disorders
  • le Grange, Daniel, Ph.D.
    Assessment of treatment outcomes for eating disorders
  • Lee, Royce, M.D.
    Role of neuropeptides in emotion and stress-related psychiatric disorders
  • Vezina, Paul, Ph.D
    Basal ganglia neurobiology and the generation of appetitive behaviors