Andrea King, Ph.D.

Professor, Research Section Chief and Mission Director

5841 S. Maryland Ave., MC 3077, Rm A-310 and L-470
Chicago, Illinois 60637
Phone: 773-702-6181
Fax: 773-834-0096


Education & Training

  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Ph.D., 1992
  • University of Pennsylvania, Post-doctoral Fellowship, 1992-1994
  • New York Medical College, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Internship, 1994-1995
  • Illinois Licensed Clinical Psychologist, 1997-present

Clinical Interests

  • Assessment and treatment of substance use disorders
  • Tobacco and alcohol addictions in medical and psychiatric patients.
  • Cancer prevention and control.

Research Interests

  • Identifying risk factors, biological vulnerability, and co-morbidities in substance use disorders.
  • Examining efficacy of behavioral and pharmacological treatments for nicotine, alcohol, and other addictive disorders.
  • Targeting treatments for minority and underserved smokers.


  • Lecturer, Clinical Psychology Internship Behavioral Medicine Seminars, “Substance Abuse and Dependence,” “Treatment for Nicotine Dependence,” and “Motivational Interviewing,” 1997-present
  • Guest Lecturer, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Seminar PGY-II, “CBT Treatment for Substance Abuse,” 1999-present
  • Lecturer, Clinical Psychology Internship Clinical Research Faculty Seminar, “Psychopharmacology Research for Clinical Psychologists,” 2000-present
  • Guest Lecturer, MS-II Clinical Skills 2- Physical Diagnosis, “Motivational Interviewing in Smoker Patients,” 2005-present
  • Guest Lecturer, MS-I Essentials of Physicianship II, “Smoking Cessation and Patient   Communication,” 2005-present

Society Memberships

  • Research Society on Alcoholism, 1990 - present
  • Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, 1997 - present

Selected Publications (Since 2010)

  • Shah, L.M., King, A.C., Basu, A., Krishnan, J.A., Borden, W.B., Meltzer, D., & Arora, V. (2010).  Effect of clinician advice and patient preparedness to quit on subsequent quit attempts in hospitalized smokers.  Journal of Hospital Medicine, 5, 26-32.  PMID: 20063403.
  • King, A.C., McNamara, P.J., Angstadt, M., & Phan, K.L.  (2010). Neural substrates of alcohol-induced smoking urge in heavy drinking nondaily smokers. Neuropsychopharmacology, 35, 692-701. PMID: 19907419.
  • Roche, D.J.O., Childs, E., Epstein, A.M., King, A.C.  (2010). Acute HPA axis response to naltrexone differs in female vs. male smokers. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 35, 596-606. PMID: 19837518.
  • Hamidovic, A., Childs, E., Conrad, M.F, King, A.C., & de Wit, H. (2010). Stress-induced changes in mood and cortisol release predict mood effects of amphetamine. Drug and Alcohol Dependence ,109, 175-180. PMID: 20176450.
  • Roche, D.J.O, & King, A.C.  (2010). Alcohol impairment of saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements:  Impact of risk factors for alcohol dependence.  Psychopharmacology, 212, 33-44.  DOI: 10.1007/s00213-010-1906-8.
  • King, A.C., Cao, D., Southard, C.C., & Matthews, A.K. (2011).  Racial differences in eligibility determination and enrollment in a smoking cessation clinical trial.  Health Psychology, 30, 40-48.  DOI: 10.1037/a0021649.
  • King, A.C., de Wit, H, McNamara, P.J., & Cao, D.  (2011).  Rewarding, stimulant and sedative alcohol responses and relationship to future binge drinking.  Archives of General Psychiatry, 68, 389-399.  PMID:  21464363.
  • Sripada C.S., Angstadt, M., McNamara, P., King, A.C., & Phan, K.L. (2011).  Effects of alcohol on brain responses to social signals of threats in humans.  Neuroimage, 55, 371-380.  PMID: 21122818.
  •  Childs, E., Roche, D.J.O., King, A.C., & de Wit, H. (2012). Varenicline potentiates alcohol-induced negative subjective responses and offsets impaired eye movements.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 36, 906-914. PMID: 22339626, PMCID: PMC3342420 [Available on 2013/5/1]
  •  Plebani, J.G., Ray, L.A., Morean, M.E., Corbin, W.R., Mackillop, J., Amlung, M. & King, A.C.  (2012). Human laboratory paradigms in alcohol research:  a critical mini-review.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 36, 972-983. PMID: 22309888
  • Rueger, S.Y., Trela, C.J., Palmeri, M., & King, A.C.  (2012). Self-administered web-based timeline followback procedure for drinking and smoking behaviors in young adults. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 73, 829-833. PMID: 22846247, PMCID: PMC3410950 [Available on 2013/9/1]
  • King, A.C., Cao, D., O’Malley, S.S., Kranzler, H.R., Cai, X., de Wit, H., Matthews, A.K., & Stachoviak, R.J. (2012).  Effects of naltrexone on smoking cessation outcomes and weight gain in nicotine-dependent men and women. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 32, 630-636. PMID: 22926596, doi: 10.1097/JCP.0b013e3182676956
  • Zhuang, X., King, A.C., McNamara, P.J., Pokorny, J., & Cao, D. (2012). Differential effects of alcohol on contrast processing mediated by the magnocellular and parvocellular pathways. Journal of Vision, 22, 1-16. PMID: 23090614, doi: 10.1167/12.11.16
  • Lovallo, W.R., King, A.C., Farag, N.H., Sorocco, K.H., Cohoon, A.J., & Vincent, A.S. (2012).    Naltrexone effects on cortisol secretion in women and men in relation to a family history of alcoholism:  studies from the Oklahoma Family Health Patterns Project.  Psychoneuroendocrinology. 37, 1922-8. PMID: 22575355, PMCID: PMC3449011 [Available on 2013/12/1], doi: 10.1016/j.psyneuen.2012.04.006.
  • Conrad, M., McNamara, P., & King, A. (2012). The Alternative Substance Paradigm: Effectiveness of beverage blinding and effects on acute alcohol responses. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 20, 382-389. 
  • Rueger, S.Y., & King, A.C. (2013). Validation of the brief biphasic alcohol effects scale (B-BAES).  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 37: 470-476. PMID: 23078583
  • Morean, M.E., de Wit, H., King, A.C., Sofuoglu, M., Rueger, S.Y., & O'Malley, S.S. (2013). The Drug Effects Questionnaire: Psychometric support across three drug types. Psychopharmacology 227: 177-192.  PMID:  23271193
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  • Matthews, A.K., Vargas, M.C., Kuhns, L., Shappiva, N., & King, A.C.  (2014). A qualitative examination of barriers and motivators to smoking cessation among HIV positive African American MSM smokers.  Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice 7: 50-76.
  • King, A.C., Smith, L.J., McNamara, P.J., Matthews, A.K., & Fridberg, D. (2014).  Passive exposure to electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use increases desire for combustible and e-cigarettes in young adult smokers. Tobacco Control. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1136/ tobaccocontrol-2014-051563. PMID: 24848637
  • Asvat, Y., Cao, D., Africk, J.J., Matthews, A.K., & King, A.C. (2014).  Feasibility and effectiveness of a community-based smoking cessation intervention in a racially diverse, urban smoker cohort. American Journal of Public Health 104: S620-S627. PMID: 25100429 

Other Activities

  • Co-Program Leader, University of Chicago Cancer Research Center (UCCRC) Program 6: Cancer Prevention and Control, 2004-present.
  • Member, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) AA3 Clinical, Treatment, and Health Services Grant Review Committee, 2007-present.
  • Member, Internal Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP), Clinical Translational Service Award, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2007–present.
  • Member, Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) Program Committee, 2011-present; Program Co-Chair 36th Annual RSA Scientific meeting, 2013.
  • Program Developer and Clinical Director, Courage to Quit© smoking cessation program, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago™, 2008-present.
  • Member, Committee on Neurobiology, University of Chicago, 2009-present.