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2016-2018 Resident Stipends

PGY-1: $56,600
PGY-2: $59,170
PGY-3: $61,333
PGY-4: $64,160
PGY-5: $66,630
PGY-6: $69,340


All residents receive four weeks of paid vacation leave per year to be scheduled by mutual agreement between the resident, chief resident, service chief and the Program Director.

Sick Leave

Five days of paid sick leave is granted to residents who are absent from work and unable to perform their assigned duties due to illness.


All residents have individual offices (except PGY-1s who have a group office) to see patients and accomplish other duties in a professional manner. All offices are furnished with a computer.

Computer Access

Universal Workstations are located throughout the Medical Center, through which residents can access the electronic medical record system, intranet, internet, and other online resources.

Call Frequency

PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents are on call an average of 3 times per month. PGY-1 have graded responsibilities with senior residents in house until they have met the requirements for increased independence. Third and fourth year residents have the opportunity for in-house moonlighting including supervision of PGY-1s on call.

Medical Leave

Residents are provided a four-week paid leave for maternity-related purposes or other required medical care.

Other Leaves of Absence

Residents may request a personal Leave of Absence from the Program Director who grants such leave in cooperation with Office of Graduate Medical Education. Such a request should be predicated on some unusual and substantial personal situation. In all but rare cases, a leave of absence should not exceed twelve weeks. We also have policies on bereavement and civil leaves.

Educational Meetings

Residents may attend educational meetings at the discretion of the Program Director and relevant service chief. The dates of such meetings must not interfere with good patient care. Excused absence for attending such meetings should not extend beyond the dates of the educational meeting and necessary travel time. Additional days will be considered vacation time and also should be scheduled with the permission of the Program Director.


University of Chicago house officers are eligible for a benefits package that includes dental coverage, flexible spending accounts, health insurance coverage, life insurance, long term disability, personal accident insurance, tuition remission for spouses and children, supplemental retirement annuities, and workers' compensation.

Professional Liability Coverage

The Medical Center provides medical malpractice liability coverage for all residents for activities performed in connection with assigned duties as a resident at the University of Chicago and at off-site rotations with prior written approval. The coverage is a composite of self-retained coverage funded by a composite of self-retained coverage funded by a trust fund and purchased excess commercial insurance.

Library Facilities

Residents are granted borrowing privileges at the University of Chicago Libraries, one of the largest libraries in the country with over 10 million volumes. Residents have 24-hour access to The John Crerar Library, the major research library for medicine and the biological sciences on the University campus, containing 570,000 titles, and located adjacent to the Medical Center.