Executive Function in Overweight Children

The University of Chicago seeks volunteers for a research study looking at thought processes in overweight and non-overweight children.  The purpose of this study is to explore executive function (e.g., goal setting, inhibition) and taste preferences in overweight children with binge eating problems as compared to overweight and non-overweight children without binge eating problems.  

Eligible participants are:

  • Between 9 and 12 years old
  • May be overweight or normal-weight
  • May or may not report binge eating problems

Study participation involves 1 or 2 clinic visits.  Both visits will last ~2 hours. The first visit will involve having height and weight measured, and completing questionnaires, a semi-structured interview, and behavioral tasks of executive function. Some participants will be invited to a second study visit in which they will taste different milkshake flavors while undergoing an MRI scan. Participants will receive $50 at each study visit as compensation for their time and effort.

Participants cannot have serious medical conditions resulting in appetite changes or food restrictions, currently be taking medications that affect appetite, adhere to a food-restriction diet in which they cannot consume dairy products/milkshakes, or have a diagnosis of bulimia nervosa or ADHD. 

Interested participants should contact the Principal Investigator, Andrea Goldschmidt, at 773-834-4118 or goldschmidta@uchicago.edu.