Internship Program Structure

The internship is a year-long, full-time experience devoted to supervised training in the provision of clinical services and continued development of skills in research and consultation. Interns participate in weekly didactic seminars associated with their clinical and research rotations, as well as more general seminars addressing professional identity and practice. Individual supervision is provided across the areas of psychological assessment, treatment, and consultation. The emphasis of the internship is on developing core skills in these areas and on fostering the development of the intern's professional identity as a health service psychologist. The program has four principal components:

  1. Outpatient Clinic
  2. Specialty Clinical and Research Rotations
  3. Supervised experience in psychotherapy and other aspects of general clinical psychology practice
  4. Didactic education

In keeping with our focus on professional development, at the beginning of the internship, each intern is assigned a primary faculty mentor. In consultation with this mentor and the Director, the intern formulates a plan for identifying and meeting his or her training goals. Collaboration with other faculty members across tracks, including clinical supervisors will also be considered in designing an individualized training program. Individually determined combinations of rotations, clinical supervisors, patient populations, seminars and other opportunities across the Medicine are selected to optimally meet each intern's training needs and interests. We consider this flexibility to be one of the greatest strengths of our program as it allows the intern to maximize the value of the internship year by making unique choices from among the diverse educational opportunities our site offers.