Research Rotations

While the internship year is devoted principally to clinical training, the University of Chicago internship places a significant emphasis on the continued development and refinement of an intern’s research skills, through promotion of their identity as Clinical-Scientists and the integration of research skills with clinical work and thinking. As such, a portion of the intern’s time may be devoted to research in several ways during the training year; specifically, interns may become formally or informally involved in ongoing faculty research, both within the Department or in collaboration with other services across the University of Chicago Medicine.  Interns may also develop their own research questions and projects within the Department or with a collaborating service in the medical center.

Research rotations are commonly pursued by interns, and are more typically completed during the second half of the year. We require that interns have defended their dissertations prior to embarking on a research rotation. The research rotation is usually developed within the context of ongoing programs and projects across the tracks, and most interns complete their research in conjunction with one of their track supervisors or mentor. Time for this rotation is negotiated with the investigator and the Director of Clinical Psychology Training. To fulfill the rotation requirements, interns may assist faculty in grant preparation and submission, running existing projects, analyzing data and presenting results, writing manuscripts, or developing an independent, program- related project.