Wellness Series

This series provides information, guided practice, tools, and tips to maintain wellness. Sessions will be led by faculty in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and special guests. All sessions run from 12:00 - 12:45pm.

Mindful Mondays invite you to care for and honor yourself. Each week take a moment to re-center with meditation and breath work exercises.  Sessions will begin with a discussion on what inspired you to join, followed by two 10–15-minute exercises. 

By participating you will be able to:

• Build Awareness of how stress manifests physically

• Use breath work and progressive muscle relaxation activities

• Learn about additional EAP resources

Family Fridays will address wellness through the experiences of families with a focus on child development, parent concerns, and partner relationships. Topics include the impact of the pandemic on children and families, adjustment to virtual learning, talking to children about social unrest, and more. Please join us to hear from our internal experts, connect with colleagues, and share experiences.

We invite you to listen in, take a break, and practice self-care.

In partnership with UChicago Medicine’s Healing Arts Program, the Zoom Wellness Series is presenting two live music performances and Q&A in the month of June.

Tuesday, June 15, 3-3:45 pm Special guest, Bob Garrett, a featured percussionist in Sting’s musical, "The Last Ship" and backup percussionist for “Hamilton” in Chicago.

Click here to register: https://uchicagomedicine.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYpdOqgrjkqH9Avh-2HNiZk-R0GbIgV2f-J

Tuesday, June 29, 3-3:45 pm Special guest, George Lawler, who has performed in 23 countries and he specializes in Middle Eastern, Balkan, Turkish and Greek percussion.

Click here to register: https://uchicagomedicine.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMkc-6rrDIvGd1XQZS0MaSqTvn2-5yktkkz

Recordings of Past Sessions:
Family Fridays – November 13, 2020
Negotiating disagreements between partners related to parenting in the pandemic 

Mindful Mondays – November 16, 2020
Topic: Inner Resources for Stress Resilience

Family Fridays – November 20, 2020
Topic: Big Feelings: Empowering kids with healthy thinking during COVID-19

Mindful Mondays – November 23, 2020
Topic: Mindfulness: Gratitude

Family Fridays – December 4, 2020
Topic: Talking to kids about social issues

Family Fridays – December 11
Topic: LGBTQ Parenting

Family Fridays – December 18, 2020
Positive Parenting During Challenging Times

Special Event – January 12, 2021
Live Andalusian Music

Compassion Fatigue Resilience Training – January 22, 2021
*Click here for Tip Card on Relaxing the Mind and Body

Special Event – February 9, 2021
Live Music – Indian Veena

Family Fridays – February 19, 2021
Teaching Kids to Acknowledge and Accept Feelings: The first step to Happiness

Special Event – February 23, 2021
Live Music – African Kora

Family Fridays - February 26, 2021
Topic: YES! Kids can Learn to Self-control, this is HOW

Mindful Mondays – March 1, 2021
Topic: Mindfulness

Family Fridays - March 5, 2021,
Topic: HOW to Talk and WHEN to Listen: Connecting to your child successfully

Mindful Mondays – March 8, 2021
Topic: Mindfulness