Top Doctors by Chicago Magazine 2022

Drs. Jon E. Grant, Karam Radwan and Marie Tobin named


Mental Health

DECEMBER 28, 2021, 10:09 AM


Leonard M. Spishakoff
Northwestern Palos

Addiction Psychiatry

Robert W. Burton
Substance abuse. NorthShore Evanston

Deborah L. Couch
Addiction and substance abuse. Loyola

David C. Lott
Addiction and substance abuse. Edward


Elizabeth V. Bernardino
ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders. 

Norman A. Chapman
ADD/ADHD, bipolar and mood disorders. Advocate Lutheran

Edwin H. Cook Jr.
Autism spectrum disorders. UI Health

Susan Jane Friedland
ADD/ADHD, behavioral disorders, anxiety and mood disorders. Lurie

Steven H. Hanus
Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse. NorthShore Evanston

Ahmed M. Hussain
Depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, bipolar and mood disorders. Streamwood

Kathleen M. Kelley
Psychiatry in physical illness, trauma psychiatry. UI Health

MaryBeth Lake

Karam Radwan
Personality disorders, bipolar disorders, adoption, pediatric sleep disorders. UChicago

Marcia Slomowitz
ADD/ADHD, bipolar and mood disorders, anxiety and depression.


Sandra S. Swantek
Anxiety disorders, depression, memory disorders, mood disorders. Rush


Fatima Z. Ali
Eating disorders, women’s mental health, menopause problems, posttraumatic stress disorder. 

Syed H. Anwar
Amita St. Joseph Elgin

Catherine Camilleri
Anxiety and mood disorders. Linden Oaks

Stephen R. Cann
Addiction and substance abuse. NorthShore
Highland Park

Mehmet E. Dokucu
Depression (TMS therapy), psychiatry in cancer. Northwestern Memorial

Geraldine S. Fox
Child and adolescent psychiatry, couples therapy, family therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy. UI Health

John E. Franklin
Addiction and substance abuse, psychosomatic disorders, psychiatry in physical illness. Northwestern Memorial

Stephen G. Galston
Eating disorders, adolescent psychiatry, depression, anxiety disorders. 

David L. Goldberg
Adolescent psychiatry, anxiety disorders, psychotherapy, ADD/ADHD. 

Corey N. Goldstein
Anxiety disorders, bipolar and mood disorders, depression, psychotic disorders. Rush

Jon Edgar Grant
Impulse control disorders, sexual dysfunction, addiction psychiatry. UChicago

Karen B. Kreiner
Anxiety disorders, depression, relationship problems. Northwestern Memorial

Harshad M. Mehta
Addiction and substance abuse. OSF

Heidi Meredith
Geriatric psychiatry. 

Kimberly E. Merenkov
Women’s mental health, stress management, anxiety disorders, depression. Northwestern Memorial

Frederick E. Miller
Geriatric psychiatry, psychopharmacology. NorthShore Evanston

Caroline M. Morrison
Bipolar and mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, panic disorder. 

John L. Perri
Psychoanalysis, depression, anxiety disorders. 

Roueen Rafeyan
Addiction psychiatry. Northwestern Memorial

Murali S. Rao
Geriatric psychiatry, dual diagnosis. Loyola

David Schilling
Bipolar and mood disorders, depression. Loyola

Geoffrey Shaw
Depression, anxiety disorders, ECT, psychopharmacology. Advocate Lutheran

Mark Shukhman
Addiction psychiatry, substance abuse, sex addiction, anxiety and mood disorders. NorthShore Skokie

Robert B. Shulman
ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorders, bipolar and mood disorders, dementia. Rush

Gregory A. Teas
Bipolar and mood disorders, addiction and substance abuse, anxiety disorders, depression. Amita St. Alexius

Marie Tobin
Psychosomatic disorders, psychiatry in physical illness, adolescent and young adult cancer care, psychological care for cancer patients. UChicago

Pauline K. Wiener
Geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, anxiety disorders, dementia. Northwestern CDH

Daniel Wyma
Mood disorders. Northwestern CDH

John M. Zajecka
Bipolar and mood disorders, depression. Rush

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